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With "How to Fix a Broken Relationship", there's no need for any more stress, indecisiveness or guessing. You're going to learn that, with some work, a broken relationship can begin the path to a healed and sustainable one within days. It's online couples counseling in a "box".



You’re struggling with a relationship that seems broken beyond repair.

You are tired of your partner not wanting to invest the time to work on the relationship with you.

You wish there was a way to get coaching without investing the time or money on a therapist.


What if there was a way to begin to fix your relationship, suggest simple exercises to your partner and prove to yourself whether or not your relationship is WORTH FIXING?

That’s exactly why I created, How To Fix a Broken Relationship! It was to help couples, like online marriage counseling, to enjoy the calmness and the excitement of a trusting and acceptable relationship.


Jeff says...

The strategies I teach inside How to Fix a Broken Relationship are the same ones I use with my couples coaching clients over months of work together.

It’s the same strategies I’ve used in my marriage. (Which paved the way to the--mostly--happy relationship my wife and I have for 38+ years)

It's the same strategies that so many coaches and therapist charges thousands of dollars for over months and months of sessions.

Now, I want to teach it to YOU.

This is like online marriage counseling or online couples counseling but you can work at your own pace!


So, if you want to heal the pain and the stress in about a month, just click on the button below and let’s begin the journey together.


Hi. I’m Jeff Tobe, relationship coach, author and creator of How To Fix a Broken Relationship.

This course was 38 years in the making but will only take you about a month to start to see the benefits!


I have been happily married to my wife for that long and we have been together for 43 years! Nobody ever told us how difficult this relationship thing was going to be. We aren’t given the tools to keeping our relationships vibrant, exciting and loving.


So many people have asked me the very question, “how do I fix my broken relationship” so, I began researching and learning what works. Now, I want to share my findings coupled with the success I have had implementing these ideas with couples around the world, (as I conduct online couples counseling and coaching) with as many people as I can.


I want to help you reduce stress in your life and give you the tools you need to actually enjoy your relationship and look forward to a bright future ahead with your partner.

Right now in your relationship, you’re struggling with the stress of not knowing why your relationship is struggling or if your relationship is even worth fixing.


You may have suggested couples therapy/coaching or online marriage counseling but your partner is kicking and screaming. Maybe, you have no clue how to take the next step in showing your partner that you want the relationship to succeed.


Imagine if you were given suggestions that are proven to strengthen any relationship. What if you had a ‘toolbox’ of exercises and tips to use with your partner addressing different ‘stressors’ like VALUES, TRUST, FINANCIAL WORRIES, COMPATIBILITY, CONNECTION, INTIMACY and so much more? Picture a life where you and your partner are working TOGETHER to create the relationship you both envision.

How To Fix a Broken Relationship will help with all of that and more!


Let’s make these possibilities become realities. This CAN happen for you quickly with this program.

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Over two hours of coaching, exercises, and tips

6 learn-at-your-own-pace modules

Bonus interviews in each module, with family and marriage therapist (35+ years), Edie Raether

Downloadable transcript of videos to help you follow along

Exercises to do on your own and with your partner to strengthen your relationship

"We need to stop looking in our rear view mirrors to see how things have been in the past. Instead, we need to look through our windshields to see what is coming down the road ahead of us in our relationships"

Jeff Tobe

Couple in Nature

That would be an amazing value on its own except,

your investment also includes BONUS items:

-a downloadable, transcript of the videos for you to follow along

(value: $25.00)

-5 in depth discussion videos with marriage and family therapist, Edie Raether

($875.00… therapists charge $150.00-$175.00 an hour)


-exercises to do on your own and with your partner (priceless!)


Total VALUE = $997.00!

My goal however, was to make this information accessible to EVERYONE at any point in their relationship. So, you get all of this for only





Get detailed information about how to ‘work’ the information Coach Jeff shares. Examine the structure of the course and what to expect. Understand that people are not exchangeable like a pair of pants at Macy’s! Learn ‘why’ this work is vital to your relationship.



If your relationship has been struggling along, then you’ve likely experienced that sinking feeling that things might now work out. But, if you and your partner are meant to be, there will be some pretty obvious signs your relationship is still worth working on. Jeff discusses the signs that the two of you can still work things out.



You have to figure out why relationships fail (even if you think you already know), before you can begin to heal them. Jeff discusses “a clashing of values” and shares an important exercise to do with your partner on value compatibility. Begin to look at trusting and forgiving yourself AND your partner. Finally explore some things to do to re-connect.



Hurt is inevitable in significant relationships, but pain and strife don’t have to mean it’s the end. Many couples find that working through conflict strengthens their bond. How do you go about working things out when they’re starting to go “wrong”? How do you fix things when they seem unfixable? There’s no ONE solution but, Jeff shares TEN of the areas on which you should focus if you want to reconnect with the one you love.

thinking (1).png


While there are certainly different styles and orientations to therapy, Jeff shares 11 general tips for thinking like a relationship therapist. This gives you a leg up for the work you are going to have to do. A therapist looks from a fresh perspective and is a voice of reason and reality. A therapist probably thinks about relationship problems and solutions a bit differently than you might; a HUGE advantage when tackling this challenge.



Every couple is different but one thing is for sure…this work never ends! Learn the three things upon which you MUST focus to make your relationship a success. Then, learn how to endlessly continue to grow your relationship WITH your partner and to be happy!


Q:   What is the format of the program?

A:    The course is made of of 6 VIDEO modules of varying lengths, each with one or two videos with Coach Jeff. Also included in that module is a bonus video of an interview with marriage and family therapist of over 35 years, Edie Raether


Q:   How long can I access and use the course?

A:    You have lifetime access once you enroll. This is a journey and Jeff wanted to make sure that participants can always go back to reinforce or practice any stress reduction tips he gives, when they arise in a participant’s relationship


Q:   Are there tests or quizzes in this course?

A:    NO! Although it’s suggested you follow the logical order of the modules, you can jump around as you see fit and there are no pre-requisites or passing tests to move from one module to another

Q:   Is this online marriage counseling or online relationship counseling?

A:    Yes and No! Consider this more as online relationship counseling although it will certainly help your marriage (that's a relationship) IF you are married.


Q:   Then, why is it called a “course”?

A:    Because we had no idea what else to call it!


Q:    Will this help me no matter how broken my relationship is?

A:     Yes BUT…you have to be willing to invest the time and energy to implement what you learn. No one is going to hold your hand and make you do it. You are probably not reading this because your relationship is perfect. If, after doing whatever you can to rescue your relationship, you still decide it’s not going to work, wouldn’t you at least want to tell yourself you did everything you could?


Q:   How long does it take to fix my relationship

A:    Depends! (that’s probably not the answer you wanted) Every couple is different and every relationship is at a different “broken” point. The good news is that this is a shortcut to getting the tools you need. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper than therapy AND it’s a step in the right direction.


This was designed for anyone at any point in their relationship who thinks they could use a little help making it better! It doesn't HAVE to be broken but you are here because SOMETHING is just not right



Just click the button right here to purchase. After that, check your inbox and you’ll receive a. link to go log in to our platform. Then, you can start right away! You get instant and lifetime access. If you have technical questions, our team is always willing to help.


Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be NO refunds after purchase


We will never sell or offer our email lists or any personal information to a third party. We take your privacy very seriously

"My partner Greg and I were having some troubles in our relationship. Most people can work through it on their own but I knew we needed help. Jeff helped us get our values aligned, handle our trust issues and he taught us some fun things we can do to re-connect when everyday things become overwhelming. We are so grateful for him."

You could be having meaningful and connected conversations with your significant other. You can be spending less time stressing over the burden you are enduring doing this all by yourself. You could feel comfortable knowing that you are working TOGETHER towards a sustained, loving and trusting future.


Now is the time for action. Whatever you have been doing in the past is obviously not working or you wouldn’t be here! Do this for yourself. Do this for your future.

Lock in the current price right now before it goes up on December ????

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 12.30.19

There is no need for your relationship to be a stressor in your life. You are going to learn that, with some work, you can quickly be on the path to healing your relationship and to a better future with your significant other.

Buy Now For Only $57.00 (until December ???)

A comprehensive video course with coaching and exercises to heal your relationship NOW!

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