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To help you create more compassionate, innovative, and inspiring workplace cultures that drive outrageous business results.

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I can never join live as I have Project Team meetings all day Wednesdays.  I just want to say thanks for the follow up link so I can always catch up on your awesome vibe later in the week.

                                                                Michelle Wilcox

                                                                District Municipality of Squamish, Canada

I look forward to Every Other Wednesday now with great anticipation. I gather my entire team and we listen to your insights and humor and camaraderie. Afterwards, we sit and discuss the topic of the day. Thank you for bringing my team together and for what you are doing.

                                                               Cara Winston

                                                               Signature Financial

Your guest today, Camille Washington, was terrific. She is on the front lines with a great company (FedEx) and her responses to your questions and examples from the company's practices were not only inspirational but a learning exercise for all of your listeners. Bring on more of this. That is why I subscribe to Every Other Wednesday, it is 45 minutes well spent.

                                                               Don Page

                                                               Trinity Western University

Yesterday was my first Wednesday session, and I just wanted to say that the session was “fun”. I was on another today about the future of business in Birmingham (England where I am) and it was night and day in comparison, it was shoot me in the head boring, no interaction, felt like a sales spiel not an information transference. And the topic of the future of Birmingham wasn’t even answered. So just wanted to say thank you, and I will be tuning in again, and as it happens when it is evening time here, then next time I may do it with a glass of wine in my hand.

                                                                                           Brid Bickerton

                                                                                           United Kingdom

I attended the show yesterday and let me add that I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations. This is the 3rd one I attended and must thank all of you for the insightful, uplifting and invaluable messages/examples. I always leave feeling inspired to do better, for both myself and the organization.


I must say the style of the chat gives me the sense that I am right there in the room connected to a bunch of people just having a great conversation/learning experience. Appreciate all of you (Richard, Michael, Sunjay and Jeff) for making a difference especially in these challenging times.

                                                                                                             Leslie Hanson

                                                                                                             Airdrie, Canada

I absolutely LOVE what you four are doing!
                 Bob Friedman, Associate Vice President / Chief Technology Officer           
                                        Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford

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