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Join us for the Culture Club VIRTUAL RETREAT

January 21 & 22, 2021

Join Jeff, Michael, Richard, and Sunjay – The Culture Club – on January 21-22, 2021 for a two-day intensive to accelerate and intensify your understanding of organizational culture, and how it impacts your organization’s health, and its results.

You know us from “Every Other Wednesday”, our biweekly online culture chat, and so you know the discussion will be fast-paced, lively, fun, and full of content, to help you guide and shape that all-important force of organizational success – your culture.

We have only 2 rules in the Culture Club:

1. Attendees must leave with powerful, practical, and actionable ideas

2. No boring stuff allowed!

When you attend our virtual retreat, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Meet and network with a diverse group of like-minded professionals from across a wide span of industries and locations.

  • Hear guest experts we’ve invited to share their knowledge, perspective, and experience, and

  • Learn from high-content, interactive presentations from each one of us: Sunjay Nath, Richard Hadden, Michael Kerr, and Jeff Tobe.

Set aside and invest two days to learn how to really give your culture a healthy glow that drives your organization’s success!

Just some of the outcomes you can count on...

  • Culture: Where to Start


  • Hire, Inspire and Fuel Their Fire: Hiring & On boarding for Culture Growth 


  • Say What!?  Communication is Everything and Everything and is Communication 


  •                            How to Be Intentional About Your Culture

  •                            Making the Leap to a Customer Experience Culture

  •                           How to build a team that trusts each other

  •                            Getting buy in from the rest of the team

  • Re-frame workforce needs in the context of today's environment, resulting from the pandemic

  • How to Give Upward Feedback

  • The Humor Advantage: Putting Humor to Work in Your Culture For Less Stress and More Success

  • Influencing Those Who Don't Report to You

  • Demonstrate care for and interest in the well-being of each team member

  • Prepare to lead through crises we haven't yet anticipated

  • Identify the specific leadership traits and behaviors that drive Employee Engagement

  • Tackling toxic upper management

  • How to influence culture with no support

  • How to determine milestones and ultimate success


THREE options from which to choose...

           #1                                #2                   #3


(one year program)


Virtual Water Cooler

40 Copies of hosts' books

Cultural Assessment Survey

6x (bi-monthly) Deep Dive Calls

Facebook Community Page/Portal

Private Vimeo Video Site

Mastermind/Group Coaching

Employee Engagement Survey (up to 500 employees)



(one year program)


Virtual Water Cooler

40 Copies of hosts' books

Cultural Assessment Survey

4x (quarterly) Deep Dive Calls





ONLY $800.00 USD

LIMITED ticket availability!

To register or for more information,

contact Jeff Tobe       

(412) 759-5319

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